Sunday, August 17, 2014

Celebrations, Giveaway and Pink Ribbons

Happy Sunday everyone. How are you all?  Well, we have gale force winds here, bright sunshine and pouring rain...and sometimes all at the same time.  Irish Weather....bizaar right?

Well, lots to share so I had better get on with it.

Firstly I see I have over 300 followers.  I am so sorry I didn't notice before but you are all very welcome here. That means a celebration!!! Woohooo!  And in blogland that usually means a giveaway!  So let's have a giveaway.  Just comment on this post and I will put all names in a big jar and pull a winner or maybe more than one winner..let's see how many entries we get.

For one entry comment and like the blog.
For two entries, comment, like blog and share the news!

Simples ;-)

More good news; I finally got around to making up the Maid Monthlies that I have up to date.  More will follow next week.  I have to say it really shows that I haven't used the sewing maching for a while!

Not to bad though I seem to overthink stuffing... is less more or more less????

So, now for the pink ribbons .

Finally, after a lot of thought I've worked out what I want to do with the fund-raising items and I've found the perfect charity.  Remember, I want compassion and I want research!

My breast cancer team: surgeon, oncologist and radiotherapy guys all work within a centre of excellence in Galway University Hospital.

My surgeon, Professor Kerin and the head of oncology, Dr. Keene work closely with the USA (Washington) and the Uk to plough ahead in breast cancer research.  So imagine my surprise when searching through the charities, I found the Proff has started one of his own! 

The Prof is the director of The National Breast Cancer Research Institute. 

This is a charity based in Ireland but as I've said, these guys work with the USA and the UK as well as other European countries.  Ireland may have an image of leprochauns and diddly diddly music, but where breast cancer is concerned we are ahead of the UK and many other countries in that we receive treatments long before they are approved by the NHS and it is thanks to this guy above and Dr Keene, that Tamoxifen was approved in the Uk last year as a preventative drug. 

Thankfully in Ireland I was put on it automatically er, two and half years ago.  So for me that is important: the charity I chose has to help all women whereve they may live..and this does

So that ticks the research button.

And I know this guy.  I know the money will go where it is needed.  Whatever time my appointments, however long the line, I always get to see him.  He pops in and talks to everyone so you can build up a relationship of trust which is so important when you have a cancer diagnosis.  He holds your hand, comes out with terrible jokes, hands you tissues, and once, post surgery and post morphine, he accepted a  marriage proposals!

The Prof (as we call him: we can be informal, he has seen bits of us that usually would only be seen after a bottle of white wine lol) is a wonderful surgeon and I know that even though he was the man who made my world come crushing down in tiny pieces: he was also the man who helped me and my family build it all back up again. This is my thank you to an amazing team whose research, compassion, dedication, and yes, passion, for finding cures means women all over the world will benefit.

 So all donations will go through a Just-Give page which is perfectly safe to use. 

For every single euro donated you will be issued a raffle ticket and I will write your name on it and put it into a container.  So if you donate one euro, you get one ticket: two euros, two tickets and at the end of October I will draw winners.  I am expecting more prizes in from other people who are making them as we speak and I have some more to add as well.  I will put piccies up in the Prize page (You can see it on the top bar).

I know times are hard but honestly, one euro will be much appreciated.

You can find my Just give page here.   HERE

Rofl...sorry: couldn't resist taking it very literally.

Please, be careful to donate under my name and not under the charity directly as I won't see any record of the transaction and so won't be able to issue you draw tickets.

Please share and thank you xxx

Oh one last thing.  I won't be expecting you to pay postage but as I'm sure you will appreciate, this could end up costing me quite a lot.  If you would like to make a small donation towards postage costs if you are chosen as a winner please contact me for my paypal page.  Anything donated to the Just Give page is handled by a third party. I won't be able to get postage costs out of it xxxxx

Right thats me done!  Off to work out what to give as a giveaway!!!!  Have a great week everyone xx


  1. Congratulations on having 300 followers! You actually have at least one more than that because I follow you on Feedly! :0)

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finishes Gaynor. The fabrics match the designs perfectly. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.


  3. WOW!!!! 300!!!
    Congratulations :)
    Your designs are wonderful... really pretty and I like your fabric choice too :)
    I think its a wonderful thing you are doing... I visited your Just Give page... only sorry I could not give more. Good Luck :)
    smiles :)

  4. OH. MY. WORD. I love March!!!! She is beautiful, the colours are wonderful. WOW!

    Great charity to support. Prof sounds like a very special man. xx

  5. Wow - you did find the perfect charity. Thanks for sharing your personal relationship with them.

    I follow and sometimes comment, and I do like you :) but if you mean on FB I don't do that. Sorry!

  6. What a great cause. I love the fabrics and trims you chose to finish up the Maids. Congratulations on having 300+ followers too.

  7. What a wonderful cause. I love your finishes - they are all so sweet! Now off to FB to LIKE….and I'll share your give away on my blog.
    Congrats on 300 followers -
    Cheers and hugs

  8. Congrats on 300 followers!

    Love your birthstone lady pillows. I always have a hard time with stuffing myself. Same issues as you do with knowing how much to use, but also how to get it stuffed evenly.

  9. Sweet finished on your little maids!!! For the stuffing, I would say the more the better. Once your cushions are closed up, after a few weeks, the stuffing will not be so "Fluffy" and will flatten down ..... so I always overstuff mine :)
    Congrats on reaching 300 followers xx

  10. WOW....
    Congratulations my dear :)
    Your designs are wonderful... really pretty and I like your fabric choice too ..super sweet...
    I think its a wonderful thing you are doing...Good Luck :)
    hugs x

  11. Great news you chose someone close to your own heart and who does such great work to benefit.

    {love and hugs} x

  12. Those are lovely.


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