Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lots going on, little to share and Cross Stitch Showcase

Howdy doody. Well surgery went well: I had some bits removed for biopsies and they found a huge polyp. They were very good though and let me see it (but sadly wouldn't let me bring it home) and I got to see the internal photos they took.  I had to share them with my hubby and he can honestly say he has now seen more of me than most men get to see of their wives!

I am working on my new designs and am thrilled with them; absolutely love them.  They are from my Victorian maid series, and I wanted to release them in January but was put off when another company did something similar.  However, my style is very different and I can prove completely that my characters were out well before said other company and so we should be fine...they are also completely different in subject matter so I am not sure why I delayed them?  Sulking a bit maybe, or a lack of confidence?

Anyway: I am soooo pleased with them.

I'm working on a charity chart for somebody else as well: it was designed for her by her friend who then passed with BC so I said I would chart it for her and she could use it to raise funds in her friend's memory.  Sweet hey?

And I have just signed up my first artist!  I will be recreating their work in cross stitch. How exciting is that?

Can't share too much just get but I am thrilled.

I decided life has to go forwards, whatever my health brings up so am going for the business big time.  And well, it will either work or it won't but either way, I will be having fun.  And it has to be about the fun.

I run a Cross Stitch Group on facebook called Cross Stitch Showcase.  This was in response to the fact most groups don't let us promote our work and are directed to the needs of the stitchers.  This group is directed to the needs of the independent designers. I was a bit concerned about working with all these artistic types, but they really are wondeful and have been so helpful in helping me in my mission to grow.  No egos at all, and just lots of giggles especially at the dubious links.  You just wouldn't get such support in any other business!

Want to meet some of the designers?

First up is Sheena Rogers.  Sheena designs cushions for every ocassion...and I mean every ocassion.  I throw in random themes, and she matches them ALWAYS....and when she doesn't we have dubious links which are hilarious. Sheena's work is often featured in the Uk cross stitch mags.

We have Bev from Love Thy Thread: there are so many different designs and styles because Bev works with lots of artists to produce the most gorgeous charts/kits

Shannon Wassilieff

Emma Congdon whose work you will probably recognise if you buy UK stitching magazines.

Kimberly Hill from Gecko Rouge, who again works with some amazing artists to produce kits.  If I get big enough to go for the kit option, I will go through Kimberly because like all the designers (of course) I know she will be honest and offer great quality.  Kimberly has helped in regards to working with artists and I am very greatful.   She has loads and loads of different styles!

 We have Joanne Davenport

The Amazing Sarah Paine from Paine Free Crafts

Deborah from Tempting Tangles...ooooo a lovely name!

Susanne Schmidt Farbenfroh

Louise Birkett's beautiful dancing Fucias.

And these are just a few of our very talented designers who feature their work on CCSC.  You really need to pop along and take a look.  Please, please read the rules though.  Oh and one more small warning, well two really.  You will be seriously enabled and see work which may not be seen in mainstream shops BUT is just as beautiful and of high quality produced by dedicated and very lovely designers.  The second warning is that on Wednesday we are devoting the page to alternative designs for the over 18 S: MAY FEATURE NUDITY AND GRAPHIC ARTISTRY INCORPORATING THE HUMAN BODY

If you are conservative in your design choice, maybe pop along before then or just after teehee.

Well, that is me done for today..

Have a great week!


  1. so pleased you are feeling well and in high spirits..
    Gosh what great news about your designs, cannot wait to see them :)
    And an artist!! ooooh this sound interesting..
    Wonderful designers.... talented people indeed...including yourself :)
    Sending sunshine, smiles and a sprinkle of happiness your way :)

  2. Yayyyy so glad that you are feeling well and me sending you big beary hugs..
    Beautiful designs. .wow...They al so pretty
    Kisses xx

  3. Good to hear that you are feeling well....giggling at showing the pics to your hubby! Great varied group of designs.

  4. Glad to hear your surgery went well. What gorgeous designs! You are in good company over there.

  5. Lovely designs, quite difficult to choose which one to get if i have the time to stitch..
    Good to hear your surgery went well...((big hugs))

  6. So pleased all went well for you, that is such good news.

    Lots going on to keep you busy, very talented folks joining you on the facebook group.

    love and (hugs) x

  7. Glad to hear the surgery went well & you are ok. Really curious about which artist you will be transferring her work into chart.... sounds really exciting! Have fun xx

  8. I am praying for your biopsy results.
    Such exciting times for you here. You have showcased a lot of talent.


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