Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Feebie!

Oh yes I am.  I've no crafting done!  I spent Tuesday at the hospital: bad news is they have taken me off Tamoxifen until I have the results back from my surgery on the 23rd. Good news is they will consider putting me on a new drug which has a 97 % survival rate (for five years: my life is now measured in five year periods lol) if my biopsies from the surgery come back clear.

Wednesday I went shopping up in Northern Ireland..yay for asda and yesterday was visiting MIL and cooking up a batch of veggie recipes for the freezer.  I have ideas buzzing around my head but no time to put them down but....


Today I have lots of baking to do, pizzas and pasta to make and freeze, veggie things to cook, broad beans to pick in my polytunnel etc...but that should leave me the weekend to craft! So..... I guess to try and attempt to keep this blog even remotely crafty today, how about a draw.  Leave a comment and I will put names in a hat and the winner can have a free pdf version of 'M'Lady loves sweet strawberries'.  Does that sound ok to you?  I will pick a winner on Monday when hopefully I will have something nice to show you x


  1. So sweet! I love strawberries, count me in please :)

  2. Such a cute pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Sending a caring smile your way to brighten your day :)
    Asda is great... gosh you travel a fair bit to get to it... but worth it!
    I LOVE this new design of yours... its just so pretty and I love strawberries too ... mmmm
    Yes please count me in too... love the things you do :)

  4. I love strawberries but I can't in good conscience enter your giveaway as I already have sooo much stash (including a Holmesy and Fergus which I must stitch before next Easter!) Very generous of you though and good luck to everyone who enters.

  5. I cross my fingers for you and hope that all will be good sooner or later.
    This is such a cute pattern. So please count me in.
    Have a n ice weekend

  6. Thinking of you and hoping that everything goes well and you get good results after the surgery :) Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  7. I'd love a chance for this one. Thanks!

    ldepalatis at earthlink dot net

  8. Sending my best wishes to you that everything goes well with the surgery!

    Lovely chart :)

  9. Great chart. I would love to be entered.


  10. Sending my bestest good wishes to you, great giveaway, good luck to all. Xxx

  11. I do hope that your surgery goes great and your better soon. Love the Strawberry chart, please enter me in your giveaway and have a great restful weekend. hugs from Lynda at Purple Pixie Dust.

  12. Oh dear I hope you feel better soon
    It's a sweet chart..please count me in too
    Hugs xxx

  13. hope you are well and healthy soon.. and what a lovely pattern to be win.. please count me in too.. thank you.. :D
    take care and happy weekends.

  14. Good luck with your surgery missus! 97% is a fantastic rate.

    I would love a chance to win but have about a million things on the go and have had loads of lovely freebies in the past that I still need to stitch so won't enter (as much as I love her!)

    Good luck to everyone who does though. Gaynor's charts are lovely to stitch!!

  15. Love strawberries! Love to win the chart. You had a busy week.


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