Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Virtual Stitching Retreat and Scavenger Hunt- Ireland

Hi, and welcome to the 2014 Virtual Stitching Retreat and Scavanger hunt!

You are very welcome to join in the fun with us as we help you to become part of a virtual retreat which this year is based in Ireland and of course we will be stitching.

On May 26th, some lovely ladies from the UK and France will be flying over to spend three nights with  me at the wonderful Mount Falcon in Ballina, County Mayo.

And we would like you to join us in spirit by sharing a stitching pattern which we all be stitching and some little challenges as part of our Scavenger Hunt.

Once you have finished your stitching piece and have obtained what is needed for the hunt and photographed everything, just send the photos to me so I can put them on a new page on this blog.  Then we can all see who has taken part in the retreat and you will be entered into a prize draw.

I'm starting the virtual retreat a little early so if you have problems downloading the charts you have time to email me.  I will be away from the 26th - 29th so I won't be able to communicate with anyone between those dates.

Ok: The Scavenger Hunt! You are all crafty people and you have freedom to interpret the tasks ahead in any which way you would like!  You may decide to keep it craft related, with things you have made or you may be more literal or you may be so far out of the box in your ideas we will need directions teehee.  At the end of it though I would like to see a photo/s showing what you have come up with!

We will be staying in a Lakeside lodge at the beautiful Mount Falcon resort, enjoying our stitching and chatting.  And we would love it if it you would stitch along with us, in spirit if not in person.

Task One:  The first thing you need to do is download one of the two following charts.  We will  be stitching the Gaeilic version, as we are indeed staying in a Gaeltach area which means  Irish speaking. You can chose which you would like to do: Gaelic or English.   If you have problems saving and then printing the charts, please email me and I will send you a copy out but please, before I go away or there will be a delay xx

When we put our stitching down we will have a wander around the lakes and woodlands.  Isn't nature beautiful?

Task Two  Find something you feel reflects the beauty of nature!  

The lakes here are full of trout and other fish and of course we are a moment away from the amazing river Moy which is renowned for its salmon runs.

Salmon have long had their place in Irish mythology as the Salmon is known as the fish of wisdom
And of course Ireland is well known for it's course fishing and sea fishing.

Task 3   Find something with a fish theme!  (remember,  you can be literal or think outside the box!)

I stayed at Mount Falcon when I was learning to fly fish with a charity called Casting for Recovery.  A wondeful charity which helps ladies who have/had breast cancer.
 I discovered I was really good at the knots in the lines which you use to attach hooks.

The hook isn't actually that big, it was just for practicing on. Who would have thought hey? Someone who stitches, sews, knits and crochets being good with yarn?

Task 4 Find an example where you have used one of your crafts for an alternative use!    You may have to use your imagination for this one!

The food here at Mount Falcon is amazing..the best I have ever eaten in Ireland.

The food was so well presented and fantastically cooked that I actually stopped people from eating so I could take a photo of it all!

Task 5.  Share your favourite recipe with us: a picture of the finished foody item would be lovely too!

And of course, Ireland is the Emerald Isle: green because it constantly rains which give us the most amazing rainbows.  At the end of each rainbow is a crock of gold hidden by the leprauchauns.  They can be mighty fierce if you go after their gold, but they are tricksters and if you're clever you can beat them at their own game.  Nothing however compares to the fear felt by those who hear the banshee wail! Her cry foretells a death and if she is heard then there is nothing for it but to sit down and make the most of a cool pint of draught Guiness followed by an Irish Whiskey chaser.  Purely medicinal you understand, to calm the nerves!

Task 6: Find something you feel would represent Ireland and Irish Culture, Myths and Legends!

Once you have collected all your evidence and completed the six challenges, email me at or the email address I use for the blog.  Have fun.  Closing date is August 1st..and all entrys will be put into a prize draw for a bumper stitchy prize xxxx


  1. Truly a very lovely place ..
    Hugs for you x

  2. This will be so funny! Thanks for let us join.

  3. Wonderful!!! Thank you for doing the virtual stitch along and WOW!! Love all the tasks! Just love a challenge so thinking about this already.
    Your stitchy break is going to be amazing... have a lovely time :)
    Printing my chart to get stitching!! :)
    Smiles :)

  4. Loved seeing more of your beautiful country.

  5. Love the fishy knot pic x I have my chart and will be stitching the Irish version. Looking forward to getting started and thinking about all those Tasks. I think I have one sorted, Hot Lips. Now that will keep you guessing xx
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. What a fantastic idea! Love the idea of the virtual retreat - count me in - now English or Irish? Hmm.

  7. Fun! Can't wait to get started!

    Mary in MN

  8. Have a great time in your stitchy break. Love the photos. Such a beautiful place.

    Even if I don't join in the challenge can I please still stitch the chart? It might not be straight awayas I have a lot on the go at the moment.

  9. This is going to be so much fun. 1 task is going to be difficult lol. The example of where you used one of your crafts for an alternative use hmmmm that one is going to take some thinking on lol.

  10. Hope you and you fellow stitchers have the most wonderful time away, looking forward to hearing all about it.
    {big hug} x

  11. Oh, you'll have a grand time in that beautiful location--enjoy!


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