Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

Hi!  Holmsey Hare here, welcoming you on this very special Good Friday.

What's that Mrs. Butterfly?  No, I won't eat the Easter Egg just yet and yes, I will tell them about the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop!

Well I am thrilled to be part of the 2014 Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hunt organised by Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching A wonderful blog hop and of course we hares love to hop! So please, please feel free to join in!

So, what do you have to do?

Well, all of the blogs taking part are offering you one letter: you simply have to put the letters together to make a mystery phrase and then nip back to Joanne with your answer!

The first letter can be found a Jo's and she will show you where to hop to get to the next blog and the next letter.  Just click the link above to start the hunt from the beginning.
Oh, your ahead of me and have hopped here with a basket full of letters already?

Oh, okay then!  Now, where did I put that pesky letter?

No Fergus, it isnt in the basket!
I have it right here!

My letter is 
 Yup, L.

So now  you need to toddle off to Kim over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread for your next letter!

Now, where did Fergus put my Easter egg?  I hope he hasn't eaten it all.
Happy hunting everyone and good luck with your blog hopping! Have a wonderful Easter xxxx


  1. Thanks for taking part this year.

    And thanks to Holmsey and Fergus for joining in with the fun as well!

  2. Lovely stitchings : ) Happy Easter my friend!

  3. Both of those pieces are adorable!! Happy Easter to you!

  4. Adorable bunny finishes!! Happy Easter!!

  5. aww so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    happy easter my dear friend xx

  6. Love your Easter stitchings...
    And I am loving this blog hop...
    Smiles and Happy Easter to you :)

  7. Happy Easter. Check out my blog...I need your address!

  8. Lovely finishes!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  9. I love both your pieces, very sweet and nicely finished! Have a Blessed Easter.

  10. Beautiful stitching :-) Happy Easter x

  11. Beautiful stitching :-) Happy Easter x

  12. Awww...such a cute design. Happy Easter xxx

  13. Darling finishes!! And I wish you a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  14. Love the bunny have a happy Easter

  15. What lovely stitching! Your multiplying bunny pincushions gave me a nice giggle.
    Happy Easter!

  16. Fergus and Holmsey look like they're having lots of Easter fun! Happy Easter!

  17. Hope you've had a lovely Easter. xxx

  18. Hope you had a lovely Easter!!! Love the bunny finish xx

  19. your pieces are adorable!
    I hope you had a gret time, BaBa and I say ciao to Fergus and Holmsey :)


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