Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thank you and a favour to ask!

Thank you for your kind words in my last post and for the private emails.  I'm good; my back is slowly (ever so slowly) getting better so my logical head says I must have what they say I have so shutting my illogical scaredy-cat head up!

I've been really busy stitching the new Dicken's themed chart and working on a Maid for all Seasons: Summer as well as the Dicken's ghosts.  So many new charts!

I have had a bit of a dilemma as it seems many designers simply reveal their computer program images for their designs.  It is quicker I guess but I like to stitch my charts first.  It means I can tweak them and ensure the colours look good.  The colours on the computer programs never really look like the actual thread colours.

But I also recognise there is room for flexibility here.

One of my customers really liked the Maid for all Seasons: Spring, and the colours and asked if I could design her a chart for her to stitch.  She wanted to make it for someone she knows who has also had a battle with breast cancer.  She requested a chart with a home theme.

So I took Spring, tweaked the colours to brighten it up a little and made this.  I hope you like it!

The  lady wasn't sure if she wanted the flowers in lilac or green so it is designed in DMC and it would be easy for her to switch the colours..but just in case

 This will be onsale at my shop later today.  I know what the colours look like in these so I'm not sure I will stitch them myself.

  I was also asked to design some charts for beginners; both adults and children for Jane over at Loopy's Place.

Jane wants to turn them into kits for her new workshops. Well, it was a pleasure! Jane will be an amazing teacher: I know she has helped me lot in my own crafting journey!

I've only stitched one but will be stitching the rest for the models for the coversheets.  Excuse the photos..Most are Janes and I know she tried several times to get them to look at their best.  I think she did really well considering she has no decent daylight and was ill at the time!

They're designed to be used on cards and are less than 3 inches in size.  I did a Fergus Deer one as well but as yet it hasn't been stitched. And yes, they come with a little story which goes with the chart.

It's actually harder to design something small as it has to be interesting enough to make a card look nice, but not too complicated for beginners.  I hope Jane likes them!

I will sew them as soon as Dickens is finished.  I like to have just one thing on the go otherwise I get stressed? Are you like that or can you handle rotations?

I also have the Christmas SAL sat looking at me.  I'll get that finished next-ish!

Now before I go: I have a page on the website for your finished items.  If you have stitched ANYTHING at all designed by me, and that included freebie charts I released, could you please send me a piccie and permission to post it on the website?  I know there are several of you out there! Send to stitchersanon@outlook.com

Thank you in advance...oh and don't forget; the butterfly competition is open until March 1st.

Now, I have a lot of friends who are affected by the bizaar weather we are experiencing at the moment. Please, please keep safe, keep warm (or if your in parts of the USA/Australia, keep cool!).  Hopefully things will settled down soon.  Today we had rain, hail, snow, snow, sunshine and that means tomorrow we will have lots of ice!
So please be careful out there!

Take care and catch up soon, hopefully with a finish!


  1. Your creative juices are certainly in overdrive, what fun. Little beginner projects are super.
    Snow, rain, hail, sun, wind and cold here today....

  2. All the patterns are really nice for beginners and quickies. As far as the color choice...all depends on the mood I'm in as to what color would be the font's color. LOL Sorry, I'm not anymore helpful, it's just a mood thing to me. The green makes the green in the flowers stick out and the lilac makes the color of the flowers more prominent.

  3. I love your beginner designs especially Holmsey x

  4. Thank you, I love them, and I'm hoping this week, I'll have the time to stretch them and get decent photos. I just need one good day :)


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