Sunday, February 23, 2014

Butterflies Galore

Hi everyone,
How are you all?
I'm fine, busy, busy, busy.  I went to my first Irish wedding this week which was wonderful, and as I sat through the service I had sudden flashes of inspiration for Elaine, my poor superstitcher has now got three designs to work on and I'm working on several as we speak.

Hubby thinks I wasn't concentrating on the service (my first in an Irish Catholic church), but personally I like to think they were flashes of divine inspiration. 

Ah well, it didn't help we were up and down on our knees like yoyos and with a slipped disc, that is no mean feat!  I did what I could and while I was waiting for people to rise or drop again, that is when I let my attention wander.  To be fair the service was over an hour and a half long and I was def. paying attention to the bits that mattered.  The bride looked stunning and the groom looked so happy!  They actually had to face the congregation to take their vows as they were saying them before God and before us; what a lovely touch!  Marriage is hard work sometimes and it helps if you have family and friends around to support this special union.

It was a lovely wedding.

I have had two more butterflies finished and sent to me. They are so gorgeous aren't they?

Christina's Butterfly

Donna's Butterfly

Closing date is the first of March, then I will put a poll up on the blog for you all to vote one which stitcher you think has made the butterfly completely theirs!  So we will be looking for originality, character and personality of the butterfly.  Or just which you most like.  I hope you will all vote!

Well, it is time to wash up the Sunday lunch things.  Working from home is difficult sometimes as you are constantly called...'mum is working' doesn't seem to alter the way my family treats me as if I was just watching the tv.  Never has some perks.  I get cups of tea whenever I want them!

Have a great week everyone.  Hope to see you all soon!


  1. The wedding sounds lovely. And those butterflies! Love the colors!

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple, I hope they liked the chart you designed and had stitched for them.
    Two more beautiful butterflys.
    Have a lovely week xxx

  3. Cups of tea - and hugs, hopefully! Looking forward to seeing your new designs. It's going to be hard to choose a favorite butterfly finish!

  4. I think it great where you can pull inspiration from... and a wedding, GREAT place :) Looking forward to seeing your new designs :)

    Hope sunshine peeked through the rain clouds and brightened the day for all?

    The butterflies are coming in now!! And WOW, they are marvelous too :)

  5. Don't think whatever mum does is classed as work,lol. It's just what you do! Can't wait to see if any more butterflies make their way in this week

  6. The butterflies, very colourful. looking forward to see more finishes.

  7. Fantastic finishes! I have only attended a few Catholic weddings, always so lovely, but oh so long!


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