Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sneaky Peek Anyone??

Well, I haven't sent my giveaway off yet; I am waiting for a few bits and pieces for it but the storms in the UK seems to have slowed down postage to Ireland.

I also haven't drawn for the Fergie and Holmsey Valentines chart (last post: put a  comment in the last post to enter) as I need to get a decent piccie for the cover sheet...I will try again tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your kind  comments over the few lines I wrote about these wee characters.  I know when I sent the owls to their forever homes, people seemed to like the owl's I have decided that each Holmsey and Fergus chart will indeed have a free tale as part of the chart. I can't help it: I try to be objective but as I paint and design and stitch it is as if their characters come to life and they become very real to me!  Thankfully they are much quieter than the wee Maids were! Oh the chatter they subjected my poor fragile mind too!

Because of your lovely kind comments I felt inspired and now have three new Holmsey charts waiting to be stitched.  I just need enough daylight to enable me to sort the colours out.  They will all be stitched in Nancy's threads: (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe) simply because they are so nice to use and I can get great affects from them.  I will include DMC conversions but that means decent daylight and me getting organised enough to sort them.  Elaine (lanyblue) my lovely stitcher has let me know she is happy to continue stitching for me so things should happen quite quickly from the 6th of January.  Exciting times hey?

Until then, how about a sneaky peek at the new one in the Charles Dickens series?

I am having a great time with this one. It is very different to any that I have done before.  Hubby asks what my style will be when I settle on one....I told him it depends what day it is.  I design what I like to stitch and that's all there is to it.  I love to challenge myself and am having a great time trying to get the character of someone or a theme in a minimum number of squares!

I really am enjoying myself.

On another note, I am sorry I am not commenting on your blogs..I am reading them but I am just so busy at the moment with DS who is on holiday from school and of course the new designs! 
Right..back to Mrs Marple and Marley...nothing better to stitch to than a wee bit of Agatha Christie!


  1. How fun! It is looking great! Have fun. =)

  2. Great start to the Dickens series!!

  3. Oh I LOVE this sneak peek of your Dickens piece. Is there going to be a series of charts related to Dickens' works? I'd be very interested in purchasing and stitching those. I also love Nancy's threads from Victorian Motto Shoppe - fantastic colors to her threads!

  4. The sneak peek of dickens stitch looks great! :D

  5. I love how creative you are. Are you feeling good as you sounding chipper.....

  6. I love the Dickens character!! Can't wait to see more.

  7. Oh Gaynor you will have to let me know when that Ghost is ready are you doing the other 3 as I guess that one is Marley. As you already know I am well into the Christmas Carol and it would be a nice series to add to Bah Humbug. Thanks so much for dreaming up these. Hugs from the rainy windy Dorset.

  8. I also love your Dickens characters. As for your 'style', I like that you just design what you like and feel like stitching that day.

  9. Marley is a fun design, your brains in overdrive with wonderful. Xxx


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