Friday, January 24, 2014

Onwards and Upwards

 Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my back.  And for the advice: advice re; bad backs is always welcome as it isn't something I have ever suffered from before!

Well, life is filled with swings and roundabouts.  An interesting phrase, and I admit I am not sure which is the good and which is the bad. The swing or the roundabout?

I spent all day yesterday in the A and E (ER if you are in USA).  All day.  They were so rushed and I don't know if I told you but the powers that be in the East of Ireland (Dublin) seem to think those of us living in the more rural West don't matter, so they closed all our hospitals and the poor old Galway University Hospital now serves about a third of the Irish population, from Galway to Mayo, to Roscommon, to Donegal and Connemara.  They've been unable to take on new staff for five years now and their funding is constantly cut but even so, they do amazing things.

I really had to go because I reached a stage where the painkillers were doing nothing and I couldn't walk, sit or lay down.  Ridiculous.

It was a two hour drive but once I got there and finally got seen I had blood tests and xrays and thankfully a big ol' dose of morphine.  Sadly it didn't help the pain but it made me feel a bit happier about it!

They came to the conclusion that one of my vertebrate has probably worn away and is touching a nerve though the x-ray didnt really show anything.  On a plus side, they don't think it is linked to the big C in any way.....and that is what I was really worried about.

Ironically, they tell you to exercise and run to help reduce the chance of the cancer coming back: and guess what they think it was that added to the wear and tear on the spine?  Yup.  Dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.

So, now I know it isn't my worst fear,  I am much happier.  Still can't walk, still can't sit up but hey? It could be so much worse and I'm just greatful it isn't!

I'm stitching a little bit, a few minutes at a time and I've joined in with the birthday thread challenge which is fun.  Every birthday we send a card and three threads...a little nice post..hopefully if they all get there!

And because I am a woman and we don't do bed-rest very well I finally got around to designing a gift voucher!  How cool!

I really like the design..very funky and very me.

They can be made up to any value and can either be emailed to your recipient or for 2.50 euros extra, printed and posted in an appropriate gift card.

On the business front, Elaine emailed me yesterday to cheer me up with the next Holmsey and Fergus design.  I am soooo lucky Elaine agreed to stitch for me. She is amazing.  I can't show you yet but it will be released next week with a story which will be sold with it.

Elaine is also working on the next Little Maids.  A Maid for all Seasons, starting with spring!  I have seen a sneak preview and it looks great!  It's so hard though this time of the year, matching colours etc to fabrics because the light is appalling. Thankfully Elaine understands perfectly and keeps in touch with me if there are any issues with a colour.  It would be so much easier with some sunlight though and I for one am really looking fowards to spring!

On a slightly different note, I have started moving from Yahoo groups and have opened a Yuku group which is open to all crafts, even papercraft.  Feel free to pop along and take a look. You would be very welcome here!  Creative Crafting

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I will be a bit more active next time I post!


  1. Oh G, I am sending a great big hug to you…though very gentle so as not to add to your pain, dear friend.
    I am so relieved to hear that it is not related to "that which shall not be named," but sorry all the same. Please just take it easy, and I hope you feel better soon.
    Keep us posted as you feel up to it.

  2. HUGS I do know exactly what you are talking about with your hospital...even over here in the States, I live in a rural area NC mountains and I have a 2 hour drive if I want any serious medical attention. (I'm not even going to get into all the political and financial drama) O.o
    I had a pinched nerve a few years back after I had my last child. No painkillers worked. But I did find some comfort in sitting at my desk chair. I could stand it long enough to do some stitching before having to get up walk around a bit then sit back in the chair for another bout. Then finally one day I noticed the pain alleviating itself on it's own. So with a prayer and a lot of hope for you...I wish your back pain alleviates itself too. And I'll add...very nice voucher too. XD Your designs and stories with them are fantastic and I love your imagination. Blessed be.

  3. take your time getting back into the swing of things as backs are very tricky to heal properly.

  4. Sending big virtual hugs your way. You are such a trooper! As others have said, sometimes back issues just seem to resolve themselves over time. Hope that is the case with you and that the time is short!

  5. Medical attention always seems to be a stressful point with anyone now-a-days. Had to deal with my son's hurt knee and couldn't get one of the medical tests until they cleared it with our insurance company...which at this time takes longer than normal because of how the US gov't is screwing with such things (but, I too, won't get in to the political side of the medical stuff). I am sending hugs and positive thoughts your way. I hope that the pain eases up so you can stand, walk and definitely sit and stitch! I am looking forward to seeing the new installment of the Holmsey and Fergus design and story. All good stuff to look forward to.
    Take care!

  6. I am so sorry to hear that you still suffer in pain. Pain is such a drag. I am praying for you.♥

  7. well thats a relief in one way but phoooie in another , hope the pain gets better soon and well done on the designing front too :)love mouse xxxxx

  8. Hello! I did a Birthday card thing about TEN or more years ago, when I first cross stitched (I stopped shortly after one year tho) and it was fun! My heart jumped a beat when you mentioned Donegal... my paternal ancestors were born there. Rest easy Buddy!

  9. I do hope you will be on the mend very soon, just take your Dr's orders and rest, even if its the hardest thing.
    Love the gift voucher.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain. I read on another post that the pain is due to shingles? Has that definitely been determined, or is that a possibility? I only ask because I suffer from major back issues and I read something about your trip to the ER (or A-E) which concerns me: an x-Ray will not show disc problems such as a herniated or ruptured disc. Only an MRI will show such a problem. I suffered horrendous pain for years because I had no clue that an x-Ray isn't an inclusive test. By the time I had an MRI done, the doctor said he couldn't believe I was even walking! Don't want to seem like a "know it all" or a doctor, but please ask your doctor about an MRI. I'd hate to know someone else suffered like I did before getting a proper diagnosis. Feel better!

  11. Sorry to hear your back is still causing you trouble and that the pain relief isn't cutting it. Love and hugs coming your way. xx


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