Saturday, December 28, 2013

Plans for 2014

Well hubby's birthday went well so that is that: all done.  Time for the decorations to come down and real life to re-start.

It was a lovely Christmas but I have so many new charts I have to get stitched up that I need to bring a sense of order back into my life.

I have given great thought to what my stitching plans are for 2014 though.

WIPocolypse?  Nah, did that two years ago.

Stashless stitching or stitching from stash?  Nah, did that three years ago.

Mad January challenge where you have to start 15 projects? No: tried (and failed) that one two years ago as well.

Stitch-alongs? Nope; I did one of the LHN Santa's Villages and realised I got caught up in the hype because actually, really, truly.......I hate stitching houses!!!

The one and only house I stitched...I quite like gingerbread houses, but only my own designs!

So actually, for the first time ever I am not going to make one single plan regarding my stitching.
For the first time ever...I am going to free-wheel it.

I have my Christmas SAL which I must finish (shingles stopped my stitching vibe).
I also have some charts which I received as gifts, raks and one which was won in a giveaway which I would like to stitch..they all feature birds which I do enjoy stitching.
I have two WIPs which I'd like to finish as well: my goose girl and the ships.

And...I have three new designs I want to finish asap: Holmsey Hare and Fergus the Deer have agreed to be in a Valentine's design and a St. Patricks Day design and I have a Little Maids chart waiting to be stitched.

So I guess my 2014 stitching plans are simply to stitch what I fancy, when I fancy it.  No deadlines, no pressure, not keeping up appearances of being a super stitcher.  And it liberating!

It is also a new beginning for my yahoo groups.  The groups I help run and co-own.  The groups I cannot even access at the moment because of the changes Yahoo have made.  It is a nightmare!

So I am trialling a new provider; Yuku.  It is a learning curve though.  Why not pop along and take a look.  I will be organising some gentle stitching challenges e.g. a bi-monthly ornament, one of which will be exchanged with another member.  It will also incorporate other crafts.  I will be building it up over the next week or so but feel free to pop along and take a look. just click here;  Create and Craft Group

Right; time for bedybyes.

If I am not back in time I wish you all a safe, warm, healthy and happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a good and do-able plan for 2014! You will probably get more done that way and continue to enjoy it! Happy New Year my friend!

  2. I prefer to do the same when it comes to my stitching. I find that when I put specific labels on how/when/why to stitch, I get nearly nothing done. I enjoy stitching what I want when I want and switching it up whenever with no deadlines. :)

  3. Sounds like a great plan...guaranteed Happy 2014, hope it's a great year for you xx

  4. I bought all the houses as well, haven't stitched a one. I was thinking of doing them as ornaments for the tree, rather than all on one piece....and that pink that you stitched yours on is fantastic!
    I stitch by my wims all the time. I decided that a few years ago and I haven't looked back.

  5. I don't make resolutions of any kind because I KNOW I will break them! Stitch as you go is the way! Right now I'm busily trying to finish a large WIP in 2013. I think I can, I think I can... Hugs!

  6. Every time I say I am going to stitch this series or that series I fail. So, I am taking rather the same approach you are this year. We will see where it takes us, won't we? :o) Happy New Year!

  7. That is my approach every year, what I fancy, when I fancy it. It seems so much better. I do NOT envy the pressure some put upon themselves.

  8. No definate plans here either for the stitching except to do one Christmas ornament a month so I have 12 to give away to family next Christmastime.
    Good luck over at Yuko, I only belong to a Yuko board that Clare (aimetu's) runs, it works really well, I hate yahoo!
    Wishing you good health, happiness and lots of fun times next year.
    Much love, hope you are improving xxxx

  9. It sounds like a great plan!
    Happy stitching and Happy New Year!!

  10. I like the SALs that I can bend to suit my needs rather than doing what I'm supposed to do!!

    I love the pink fabric you used for your cottage too.

    And Yuku is way better than Yahoo for ease of use. I never liked the way you get 1000s of emails just repeating everything in the posts or how everyone includes all the past posts in their post despite being told not to do it!

  11. Sounds like a good plan to me although I am doing the Stitch From Stash. Went a bit mad this year as buying stash seemed to comfort me after I lost my Dad. Time to get back on track and stitch some of the things I've had for a while as well as the new stuff.

    Happy New Year!

  12. I am smiling so BIG because the truth is..I got bored of stitching houses too! The concept is nice and eventually I will finish the Santa village but for now... Other things.

    Happy New Year!


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