Monday, November 11, 2013

The Last of 'Maids in Colour' and a Giveaway Announcement

Elaine, my superstitcher has finished my final Maid in Colour; part of the new Pretty Maids in a row series.

This one was a right pain the ass: so demanding and she continued to be demanding right up to the photograph stage.

You may have noticed my last few photos of projects which have been stitched by Elaine (lany-blue) have improved considerably.

That is because Elaine is doing it for me!  Isn't she a superstar? 
Little Miss Primrose still isn't as she is seen in real life but it is gray and miserable here in Ireland...the lighting is terrible.  I think Elaine did an amazing job considering.

So here is the final Little Miss Maid in Colour.

Perfect in Primrose.

Frills, puffy sleeves and a parosol. What more does a wee maid need in her summer garden?

Wow..I have really enjoyed doing these (with Elaine's help).  I have two more Christmas designs to get out and then it will be time to released ' A Maid for All Seasons' which I am hoping will be a collaboration between myself and a certain lady who dyes threads.. but shhhhhh....nothing set in stone yet but the designs will be lovely.  I am so excited about them.  They are of course seasonal ladies and I am so looking forwards to Spring!

Now, did someone mention giveaway?

Oh yes, that would be me!

Well firstly, I am hosting a draw over on my Facebook page for a hand made stocking.  Pop over and like the page to be entered.

And then (drum roll please): every single year since I have been blogging I have hosted a giveaway for Christmas..this year will be no exception and boy will it be a doozy (I hope).

That one will be announced a little nearer the time...when I have decided what to put in it lol.

I dunno: charts? Fabric? Threads?  What would you guys like in a Christmas giveaway?  Perhaps you can give me some inspiration!

Have a fantastic week everyone and thank you for reading my blog.  I don't reply to your comments through email cus I haven't worked out how but I do read them and appreciate them just the same!


  1. She is very pretty indeed, even after all the fuss and bother :)

    Please put me in for your Xmas giveaway......I would have to say that anything xmassy would be wonderful :)

  2. I LOVE it! Primrose is my favourite floral scent -- the design is perfect!


  3. Should have known calling her Perfect she would insist on being absolutely perfect, I think she is a very happy lady now. :-)
    She was a dream to stitch up in her new colours.

  4. She is lovely!!! Any surprises at Christmas are good ones!!!

  5. What a pretty design. Everything you mentioned sounds awesome for a giveaway.


  6. Lovely to see the completion of a series. Leaves you free to do the next one :)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I havr dropped by your blog before but don't think I've ever commented so here I am!

    Your maid is so pretty. So bright and cheerful.

  8. She might be a fussy lady but she does look really pretty :) Congrats to your stitcher & yourself for your creativity!

  9. Primrose looks superb in the lilac frame.

  10. I love all your ladies! I love anything when it comes to giveaways!

  11. So pretty! I am definitely doing all of these lovely ladies in the new year :)


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