Monday, November 4, 2013

New Release ' God Bless Us Everyone'

YUP: This little baby is now available to buy either as pdf or hard copy through the post.

Pricing was difficult: I want to be fair to myself, to the cancer charities who get ten percent and to you.  I know times are oh so tough.

So, I figure 4.00 euros for an emailed pdf is fair.

Now, I haven't passworded my pdfs.  You could email them around and share them.  But I trust  you.  See, if you do that, then the cancer charities miss out. And one if three people will sadly have a dance with a cancer diagnosis: one in ten at the moment are dancing with breast cancer particularly.  And that is a lot of people to pee off when in these hard times any donation we can make at all is a donation much needed.

And I believe in Karma.  And just in case my beliefs are wrong  I also have a list of who I sell to and I will know roughly who is disprespecting copyright rules.  So I am trying to be fair by keeping prices down: please be fair back to me.

Hard Copy will Cost 6.50 euros and this will include postage and packing costs.  All charts are A4.

I hope you think this is fair.  I would love to know what you think!

To order, just email me on and I will send you a paypal payment advice: that way you know you are also protected by Paypal.

I am so sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs as often as I usually do.  I am just so busy stitching which makes a first I know!  Also, taking my daughter to the hospital led to me catching some yucky flu and I have just been so ill with it!  Not nice.

And on top of that my reading list is seriously playing up: I have added new blogs but they don't seem to be showing! And look as I might I cannot find my dashboard for blogger which has all the reading lists on so I can read them through that.  Any ideas?

But once I have my next finish done, I should get a little more time to try and sort this out and of course to read and comment.  I am reading, just not enough of the commenting!

Now, off to have a walk and then finish my next xmas release!


  1. that is lovely reminds me of the song. I hope you make lots of money for the cancer charity.

    We are saying lots of prayers at the moment for a co-worker who has stomach cancer and it is in his lymph nodes. He has two children one will be 2 at the end of December and the other one 5 at the beginning of January. Life can be so unfair can't it?

  2. Wonderful design. I hope you are feeling better now and that your daughter is home from the hospital!

  3. Hope this means you are on the mend, and the fresh air blows away a few of the cobwebs

  4. Beautiful design
    Hope you are feeling better
    Hugs x

  5. Lovely design, hope you are feeling much better.

  6. Yes, you ARE busy! But productive busy is good! Me, I am busy but not productively like you... just trying to stay caught up! So much to do! Holidays are coming! Love you!


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