Friday, November 15, 2013

New Release; A Christmas Carol

I think as a potential designer I am at a disadvantage because Irish light is not conducive to taking good pictures.  I think I may have to call in the favours of a photographer friend if I am to continue with this. newest release has been stitched on 28 count Cashel Linen 'Flax' which has a gentle creamy natural colour...not that you can see it here but you will have to trust me on this one.

I wanted to do something very different and use different colours not usually associated with Christmas as my SAL is as traditional as you can get with reds and greens and all things bright and merry.

Also, the words are quite sombre: not really room for a happy reindeer at this stage of the book!

I have also included Charles Dicken's initials and the year the book was written.  Copyright wise, it is good to go. However, as a scientist who has often had to quote the work of others I know that ethically, to use the words written by another without giving them credit is plagurism.  And I find it intensly irritating that cross stitch designers who would be the first to complain about copyright infringment steal the words of others without a second thought.  Shame on you!

Anyway..soap box moment over.  I'm a bit cranky I guess because I have struggled with the photos.  Perhaps now would be a good time to move over to the USA!  Or just beg a huge favour from my friend with the photography.

I hope you like this one!

Measurements are 14.25 x 4 inches approx.

Chart will be available from me in both pdf or hardcopy on the sales page later today, after I have finished varnishing the living room floor...the final coat!  Hubby has nearly finished tidying up the fireplace which I found out this week is famous!

That is the good thing about living in Ireland; everyone knows something about the previous owners of the house.  They orginally owned a hotel in Roscommon and when they were renovating it over a 150 years ago, they also  built this house for their own use.  The hotel got French marble fireplaces...and so did this house!  It was the talk of the community as it was also the only two story house at the time in the whole area!

So I am really pleased we are putting it all back into its original state..and will be even more pleased when we can stop living in the kitchen!

Right..floor to varnish.  Take care and I will see you at the weekend when I put the the next part of the SAL!


  1. That is a great new design! Well done :)

  2. I think this chart is fab and will be ordering one later! My mum is a "bah humbug" so I will stitch this for her as a surprise on Christmas Day.

  3. What a wonderful design, love the colours. Clever!!

  4. Gaynor,
    Nice design. I like the saying. All three versions looks great. They came out nicely and look bright enough.

    I love the history of your house. How fun to be living there! I love old history things!

    Will you be showing us pics of the varnished floor and fireplace?

    Have a great weekend!

  5. It's turned out really well.
    It's lovely living in a house with so much history. You'll have to write it all up

  6. Looks lovely Gaynor! And photo is not bad at all. Try find the light settings on your camera and change it to the source light you are using (cameras normally have the fluorescent or tungsten images on it to help you choose the right one..) My apartment is always very dark and I use this all the time :)


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