Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Post and Christmas Charts!

How are you all. Well, it is def. winter and apparently it is nearly four weeks to Christmas....which has come as a huge shock to me as I am sure it is still October in my head!

I have a few finishes but I can't show them as they are exchanges.....but I do have some things I can show.

This arrived in the post completely out of the blue: It was a Christmas pressie from is just beautiful and I love it so much I haven't even tried the tea yet!  The little Christmas spiced tea bags look so perfect in there it seems a shame to disturb them!

I have just finished my final Christmas chart for this year: Season of Faith in a prim style.  I have stitched it on Jobelan Ivory 28 count using WDW threads.  It looks a little like one of the stars has stained the fabric but it hasn't: I just forgot to cut the threads in my rush to get a photo before our daylight left us completely.

This was real fun to stitch up and I am really looking fowards to finishing it tomorrow!

Can you believe we have less than four weeks? Where did the year go????

I am busy on the designing front.  I have finished the first draft of A Maid for All Seasons; Spring.  Just gotta sort out the threads and colours and then once my thread supplier has sent me samples and I am happy she will make up thread packs for it.

Not going to tell you who it is yet though!  Ah, wait and see!

I am pleased with how it has come out so far though I am sure there will be changes during the stitching process.

Prices: I am struggling at the mo to work out what are fair prices and what aren't.  If you get a few mins and you could have a look at what I am charging (euros so less than pounds and more than dollars but I do include all postage and shipping costs) I would be greatful if you could give me an opinion.

Email me at

I will put the heart chart up now.

Right: thats me done.  In my  next post I would like to introduce some friends whose blogs have less than 100 members.  Perhaps some of us could pop on and say hi?

Have fun!


  1. Sorry for reading and leaving most days before commenting. I just wanted to tell you how very proud I am when I see your designs and all you are doing with them to make the world a happy place. HUGS

  2. Sweet stitches...
    Love for you x

  3. Oh that tea bag is a lovely gift. Someone is much more talented than me!

  4. The tea pouch is such a kind gesture & look so pretty, enjoy!!! Love that little Christmas finish & the use of variegated threads. The colours are so sweet!!!

  5. What a great little tea pouch! Love it! And your Christmas chart is so sweet :)

  6. So glad you liked it and it arrived safely x


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