Friday, November 8, 2013

And another! Stockings delight!

Yup..another post.  I am beginning to feel a bit of a blog stalker...always on here!
And I have new followers!  Hi, how are you?  You are very welcome here at my little niche of cyberspace.  Please introduce yourself in the comments and then I can pop over and say hi on your blogs!

So what have I to show you today?

Well yesterday I had a ball: A full day all to myself to craft and play.  Firstly I played with Gesso which is posh for white paint...I can't show you what I did with the Gesso yet but you will see soon.  To me, playing with paint is always a good thing right?  It's lets your inner and your outer child out.  I am a big kid full stop: it is harder getting me to let the adult me out!

After the Gesso I got to go on my sewing machine.  And boy didn't I sew!

I can show you what I did on my wee sewing machine!

Yup..lots of stockings, all stitched in the European manner so there are no seams inside; just lovely lining.  I had great fun with these...I had three more but they were orders and I forgot to take piccies...I have a new page on my blog as you may see (Up there!!!) and that is where I will be selling my home made things as well as on fb.  I am still holding out on a website: the money is still going to cancer charities as will a percentage from my stocking sales etc.

So, paint and would think this happy lady was as content as can be with such lovely things to play with.  But no: as I was turning the plugs off to go to bed, I saw a scrap of ribbon hanging out of one of my drawers.

'Use me, use me!' it I my pjs, a crafting I did go!  A
nd in doing so I got to play with glue as well!!!  Oh I do so love glue!

And I made this!

The felt is WDW (methinks); the trim is from Victorian Motto Shoppe and no idea where the ribbon came from but it all matches Scrooges coat perfectly.

I may have got a little glue on the bed but no one has noticed yet, so if it isn't seen then it doesn't count right?

Right: that is me done...a very, very busy week indeed has been had.  New releases, finishes, and omgoodness..the SAL which will be out on Sunday (possibly quite late on Sunday, sorry) I had better clear away and get ready for hopefully a quiet weekend.

Take care everyone!


  1. What fun you've been having, the stockings are lovely. I have to pluck up the courage to make up Isabelle's stitched stocking.

  2. They are all absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Great job! You sure have been busy. I love the stockings. I hope you have a crafty weekend as well.

  4. They are all so sweet..
    Big hugs x

  5. I feel privileged that I have one of the stockings from you already! Aha! and so much more! You have been so busy--you should take a wee break for your self. Hugs!

  6. Great job on the stockings, all looking beautiful as well as the ornament too.

  7. Love the stockings ~ and the ornament finish is sweet!

  8. The stockings are all so sweet, and the fact there is no seem showing, make for me a job perfectly done!!! :D Little ornament is so cute & all colours match your design, fantastic :)


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