Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today I can talk.

 'Once in a lifetime a special person comes along who lights up the lives of hundreds of people: some without even meeting them. They have a special gift which inspires and which offers hope and when, as it happens, their special light goes out, it leaves a gaping hole. Rest in Peace Cathey: you will never be forgotten and we promise to keep you with us in the here and now in cyberspace for Junior so he can see what a special mom he has xxxx'

I am sorry for the briefness of yesterdays post.  I, like everyone else in blog land was devastated by the passing of Cathey, aka Pumpkin Patch.  Later on in the day I managed to put up a fb post; I just didn't have the balance to inform friends one to one who might have been missed the blogging.  That is what is at the top of this post.

Thank you Maggee for emailing me and thank you Katie for informing us despite your own grief which I know must be terrible.

Cathey was an amazing woman; she supported me through her blogs when I myself was diagnosed and because she was such an inspiring lady, it meant we all wanted to support her.

I am sure everyone in blogland feels the pain of her passing equally and I am sure from emails I have received, we all want to do what we promised, and help Junior know exactly how many lives Cathey touched all over the world.

Every year, when Cathey's blogoversary comes up, let's put up a tribute so when Junior is old enough to google his mom or look through her blog, he can see for himself what she meant to us and what he now means to us.  I know his family and Cathey's personal friends will keep her alive for him, but how wonderful for him to to see she touched hearts in Ireland, UK, America, Canada, Australia and the list could go on.  Let's make an official Pumpkin Patch Day and in doing so, let Junior see what he means to us because of the love  his mother had/has for him.

If you are happy to give up your blogs for a day, put it in your sidebar. Add a counter.  Whatever it takes to spread word of Cathey's joy for life, her 'vavavoom' which touched even those of us many miles away and equally to hi-light this bloody stupid disease which takes far too many wonderful people far too early.

The irony of my post, putting cancer behind me has not been missed. I didn't even manage a day.  It is an evil so and so which has a sick sense of humour to my mind.  After hearing about Cathey's passing my husband heard that his uncle has liver cancer.  He too is a wonderful man, a surgeon who often goes to poor countries to offer surgery for free to those in the greatest need.  Cancer sucks.

So today I am off to a friend's to sit up a mountain and shout at God.  If I get struck by lightening expect storms cus I have a lot of steam to let of and I can let it of in person just as well if I end up in God's presence.  I am sorry if that upsets the more religious amongst you: I live with the philosophy he made me, he knows what he is he understands me warts and all.

I was going to post about my new Victorian Christmas SAL but I just don't have the heart today.

Have a wonderful weekend: enjoy your families and take time to just appreciate what you have.  Smile and laugh because life is there to be enjoyed.



  1. Big hugs sweetie. A beautiful post x

  2. Lovely post. So sorry to hear about you hubby's uncle. Thinking of you all xxx

  3. Beautifully said. I have tried a few times to write a post, but the words just don't seem to convey how I am feeling. And I too, have learned of a couple more souls this week whose lives will now be forever changed by cancer. So, if you don't mind, would you shout out some things for me while you are at the top of that mountain? Hugs.....

  4. You, my friend, are a beautiful person. Through all this, you inspire me.

    It hit us all pretty hard yesterday and my thoughts were taken down some hard paths from the past to the current set of friends dealing with this. It stinks...truly horrible.

    But, we will find joy in the daily moments and treasure every bit of time we have making each other happy. Cathey would be so proud of you.

  5. You've made at least one person smile - I hear thunder above my head even as I read of your mountain-top plans! I agree with you, that God knows us inside and out and doesn't mind when we let off the steam that's brewing inside. Thanks for shouting for all of us.

  6. Gaynor,
    Awwww...It is okay...God knows us and he knows what each of us needs...

    He loves you...He loves everyone...

    You go and get what you need off your mind...It is okay....

    Don't worry I'm here for you...right here when you need a hand to hold..or a shoulder to lean on...


  7. your words convey what most of us are thinking .... today I lit a candle and managed to do a small wee post ... (((hugs to you too )) love mouse xxxxx

  8. I only learned about this brave lady through your recent pumpkins for Cathey post and I then read a lot more about this remarkable lady. A lovely tribute.
    Sorry to hear about hour husband's Uncle. You are right, cancer sucks. Our GD has found another lump in her abdomen so I'll join in with your shouting.
    Take care of yourself, Carol xx

  9. Not a lot can be added, but my thoughts are with you, and the family. A big hug to you all x

  10. I'm saddened to read your family is facing this awful disease again with another family member.
    Much love xxx


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