Thursday, October 31, 2013

So Excited!!!!!

It has been a weird week. I spent yesterday in hospital with my daughter who has been diagnosed with Type one diabetes and of course I am doing the mother guilt trip.  I cannot believe I put so much effort in giving my children fresh food, home made, exercised etc and yet one by one my healthy, perfect babies are breaking.  I'm not telling her how upset I am; to her we are encouraging 'It is what it is...go live your life'.  And she is handling it very well, or at least better than she was when they took arterial blood samples lol!

Just as I was wallowing in my mother-guilt-trip, I had an email from my model stitcher, Elaine.

In my last post there is a freebie (and on the Christmas freebie page at the top of my blog).

Elaine has sent me a picture of my next chart which will be released for sale soon. I just need to add his bead buttons! You can't have Scrooge in his negative without Scrooge in his positive can you? I am using Elaine's picture as it is just so perfect......and our stitcher has something amazing to share as well!  She is actually a distant relative of Mr Dickens himself!!!!  How totally awesome is that?????

I feel she has most def. some of his creative genius with her stitching that's for sure.  Thank you so much Elaine!!!

I hope you like it.

I will be doing more Dickens in cross stitch: you can't get much more victorian than Mr. Dickens. His books had a huge impact on Victorian  life, changing and higlighting social issues and he played a massive role in changing how workhouses were run, bringing in employment laws for children and made the rich aware of actually how badly off the poor were!

The date on the chart is the year A Christmas Carol was written but of course you could alter it with a year of your own!

And Mr. Dickens own life, mirrored in some of his books, was fascinating and a bit naughty expecially near the end! I will give more about his life with each piece released.

I hope you like it; as soon as his buttons are added to his coat, it will be up for sale!


  1. Beautifully stitched and wow.... a distant relative to the man himself.

    Another beautiful design.

    Best wishes to your daughter as she embraces the changes to her life that diabetes brings and {big hug} to you mum xxx

  2. Fantastic finish!!! All the best to your daughter & hugs to you all xxx

  3. Love this design! Sorry to hear about your DD, it's hard to see our kids sick. Take care!

  4. Gaynor,
    Sometimes these things are genetic. Maybe somewhere in the family ancestors it was there and it went undiagnosed.

    I have had high blood pressure for 10 years. I have tried and tried to get rid of it and I am a healthy person. I don't add any extra salt, I ride my bike and so on. It sucks I know. It sucks more when it is our children. Hugs to you dear friend.

    Elaine did an awesome stitching job! How cool a distant relative of Mr. Dickens. I like your idea of using his creativity for your creativity. I love it! I can't wait to see more.

    Gaynor have a great day!

  5. Aww very sweet finish..all the best to your daughter...
    Hugs x

  6. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Rachael was diagnosed when she was 6 and she's 14 now so if you ever want a chat, let me know.

    I am loving all your designs and as soon as I have some stash money, will be getting them.

  7. Best wishes for your daughter ~ and such a sweet finish!


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