Saturday, August 17, 2013

Two Finishes

Yay...more craftiness!  A miracle really as my lovely mother-in-law and father-in-law have moved over this week and are staying with us and my daughter so a wee bit of extra work, extra talking and slightly less crafting but I know we will get into a routine!

First is my exchange with the Cross Stitch Monthly Group, an amazing yahoo group where we celebrate all crafts now and have a lovely community.

The theme was Halloween.  I had a great idea (to my mind) for a design and really, I should have trial stitched it first but who has time?  My exchange partner was Cami and thankfully she seems to have liked it.  I really wanted to finish it another way but I have been feeling so ill.  Remember my kidney infection?  Well it turns out we have been on a boil notice for our water since April and the water company didn't bother to tell us.  We don't buy newspapers nor do we listen to the radio so we have been drinking it.

So, shattered as I was I went for an alternative finish and I think actually it came out ok.  I really wanted to give Cami something special as she has been an amazing help on the Irish yahoo group since I was diagnosed.

What do you think?????

Bewitch with a stitch...perfect for us crafty witches!!!

I also (finally) finished my knitted owl from a UK knitting and crocheting magazine.

Those of you who have been around a while will remember I had to give up knitting as I just couldn't follow instructions anymore (chemo brain....yuck).  This was my first real delve back into it. Because it was knitted over 2 weeks and I had to keep putting it down it isn't the best.  I was finishing last night whilst watching Paul O'Grady at Battersby Dogs home so there was lots of crying and that didn't help.  Then it was quite late when I finished so the finishing stitches are not the best....and I think because of this he has quite a morose expression.  Kind of 'well you tried'.  He is the Eeyore of the Owl World.

He is really not happy being put next to these retrobates...scrappy owls with a perchance for alcohol and other dodgy things we won't go into here.  I am always out looking for them on park benches and under shop doorways; bottles in brown paper bags.  But I can't kick them out; I just dry them out and we start again.

So the little knitted owl is not happy being a very pure of heart little owl.

This wee owl may be part of my knitted prize draw.  He shows that it doesn't matter if things aren't perfect: they all make up the character of a home made item.  Please be warned though: the eyes are glued on so you can't give this to a young child or even an older child if you think they would be daft enough to swallow a button! 

Right; I just have to finish my Autumn blog exchange: one more thing to make and then I have some new designs to stitch.

On my previous post you will see I have put an appeal up for a little girl who wants birthday cards as she is going to be in hospital waiting for a bone marrow transplant on her birthday as she fights cancer for a SECOND time.  Sometimes life just isn't fair.

If you can take five minutes out of your schedule to send her a card, that would be great.  Please.

Also don't forget my blog tour giveaways: you can find it on the labels.  Have an amazing weekend and keep well!



  1. Sweet creations ..
    Love and smiles x

  2. Great stitchy finish. I think your owl is lovely .X

  3. Love your spider with web pattern. You should consider selling it or something!

    Poor kiddo. No, life is not fair.

  4. Your creation for Cami is really good!!! I also love your little knitted owl too. Have a lovely time with the family x

  5. I think what you made Cami is brilliant! I've never seen that pattern before but it does seem very appropriate for us stitchers :)

    LOL! Your owl is just too precious. He does have quite a look to him but that just adds to his personality I think ;)

  6. Lol about your scrappy owls ~ and the new guy, well, his expression melts my heart!

  7. Fabulous projects! You are so talented and good at different things.

  8. I love the owl, he has so much character. The next one should be a lot easier now you've done one

  9. The owl is funny, I think he's thinking ... thank goodness she finished me!
    Super Halloween gift for Cami, it looks perfect framed.

  10. Wonderful finish! That spider web is great!! Cute little owls too!

  11. Cute spider web! Hope you feel better soon.


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