Saturday, August 24, 2013

Decision Made!

You reach a stage in life after a cancer diagnosis where you either give up, roll over and live every day in fear, mourning the life you thought you would have and have lost  OR you put your big girl pants on, shout out to world that you are alive today  and start making a new life.

I never thought I would have the energy to start a new business after losing a lot of money and time and energy when I was running the Holistic centre whilst living with cancer treatments. I kept it open far too long, convinced I would be back to work soon but all that resulted from it was a 1500 euro electric bill kindly produced by the ladies I put in charge whilst away and exhaustion as I tried to keep it above water whilst not actually able to work there myself.

 But, now, the big girl pants are well and truely on and are pulled right up to my neck.

I have decided to have a new baby! 

No: not that kind!  Not allowed that kind post chemo!

Rather, I mean Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs!

I love designing but can't justify the time I spend doing it so if I make it more formal, I can play work at it whilst my son is at school.  

I have found my model stitchers (Yay!!!!) and well, we will see how it goes. The website will be built soon: Sorting out the technical side re: publishing charts etc. First new designs will be on offer soon. A percentage of all sales will go to Cancer Care West or Casting for Recovery to ensure some good comes from my  play blood, sweat and tears.

I have just finished tidying up the Pink Key Series so they are professional.  I love the cover for them and they are now all on one sheet.  They will be sold and all sales will go to Cancer Care West.

The cover picture was stitched by Elisa Wilson: she did a lovely job and I think I heard a little rumour that the items she stitched are going to be raffled for a MacMillan Nurse tea party!  Lovely!

I have also completed the first of a new series I want to do.  They  are a noisy lot: sitting in my head, chatting and giggling, waiting to be born.  I had to start with this one because she was quite serious and far to sensible to be stuck with the noisy crowd in my mind.  All she wanted was a little peace but would the others let her?  Not at all: discussing what they would be wearing, what they would be growing and what wee beasties would be found in their gardens!  Jibber is enough to drive you mad!

The series is 'Pretty Maids in a Row'.

I am happy to Introduce 'Pretty in Pink'.

Stitched on White Jazilyn, using DMC threads. Frame by Mill Hill.  Chart size 236 x 67 stitches

I love the Victorian Parlour style; I lived in a huge Victorian house as a child and the decor and design has always stayed with me (alongside the memories of the dangerous wooden sash windows, cold winter and mice!).

I have a some more 'Language of Flowers ' charts to finish too: and then I will have enough to start the website with.  Its all good fun!

I stitch in DMC which I feel is a more affordable option but it is quite easy to change to overdyed threads if you wish.

So many pictures in my mind hoping to come out and play!

So wish me luck and look out for competitions coming this way to allow my noisy lot to find their new homes.  And of course, don't forget the blog stop giveraways: that's still running for a little while yet!

Have a lovely week and as always, thank you for reading and commenting xx  Your companionship is always welcome in this little part of blogland!


  1. Aww she is so sweet in pink.
    Hugs x

  2. Good luck on your new venture! :0)

  3. So happy for you! Wishing you the best of success and enjoyment on your new venture!!!

  4. Love the design and I am cheering you on in your new business!!!

  5. Good luck! Hopefully you won't run massive electric bills on this venture.

  6. Gaynor,
    Congratulations on wanting to start your own Cross Stitch Designs!

    That is so cool! You amaze me! You are so creative and I know that you will do a great job. I plan to purchase from you.

    You are a strong women and so inspiring.

    I received your Halloween gift in the mail a few days ago. My son came down with a dreaded flu bug. I've been getting him on the road to recovery.

    Thank you so much I love both Halloween pieces and will post them on my blog. Your work is so beautiful. I think you should not only have your patterns up for sale but your sewing and other craft items to.


  7. You'll have fun along the way with your new venture. I am so pleased you have plenty of ideas and can't wait to see the next individuals that pop out

  8. I wish for you many blessings and much success with your new "baby".

  9. Your charts are gorgeous, you will do well.

  10. Wow, I wish you good luck with this new venture & I truly believe it will be a success ) Your designs are very sweet & this little pink lady is an other good creation xxx

  11. Go Gaynor!!
    I think that you have a great talent for this. Wishing you much success.

  12. Wishing you well in your new venture, its sure to do well.

  13. Now that's the attitude! Good luck with EVERYTHING!!!


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