Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A crafty post!

No way right!

Bout time!!!

How are you all?  Well I hope?

I am still getting over the kidney infection (and if I am honest the antibiotics which seem to be making me feel really yuck) but it has meant I have been sitting and trying to keep my unhappy mind busy.  I have decided I am turning into a man.  All the way through cancer and chemo with hardly a murmer but right now all I can say is 'I don't feel well!' and really it isn't that bad!

I have my hubby's parents moving over to Ireland tomorrow so that means a lot of cooking etc for me and I should be making things for the freezer: bread, yorkies, quiches and so on but......'I don't feel well'.

Never mind..last day on antibiotics tomorrow and there is nothing wrong with beans on toast!

Now, remember my giveway?  I said I would give away a crochet gift hand made by me?  Well after I posted it I remembered I couldn't really crochet.  Yup. Seriously.

So when I was at the hospital I dipped into the craft shop (well, I could have been really ill so needed a therapeutic craft visit didn't I!) and bought some wool made from cotton.

I started my first item, kept going long after I was knackered and guess what!  Despite having the whole living room floor upon which to drop my wool, I dropped it into my cup of tea!

Botheration! (that isn't what I actually said but I am sure you get the idea yes?)

So: when I went on the retreat, I took a different ball of wool with me and finished what I wanted.

I am thilled with it.

And because it is part of a giveaway and not an exchange I can show it....but first....

We moved into a 200 year old stone and rubble cottage when we moved to Ireland so we wouldn't have a mortgage.  It needed a lot of work but after the first year and when the basic things like heating, water and roof were sorted we lost 'oomph' and began to work on the garden instead..so a lot of my house is only barely decorated and the rooms we did do are in sore need of redoing.

When I got back from the retreat, hubby had been up ALL night and had decorated the orange and tan and plaster patched (I kid you not) hall way for me and had put it into magnolia and white and glossed it and making it look amazing. He is so sweet: he said I have somewhere now to show off all my crafty stuff! But in doing so he trashed the whole house.  So yesterday as we were cleaning and tidying up THE WHOLE HOUSE, I found myself tidying my craft room

I decided to move my card and scrapbooking materials in there and I just had a quick glance in the main box (as you do because obviously I have to dust if it is dirty in there right?) and I found a pink box.  A plain pink box.

It looked sad so I thought I would give it some bling. So into the card making box I delve (all in the interest of household hygiene you understand!)

And a bit more bling!

Yes, ok: I had go into my ribbons and trims box too!  What can I say?  I was taught if you are going to do a job, do it properly and obviously I needed to make sure my ribbons were clean! I am a martyr to household cleanliness.

After all this 'cleaning' I end up with........

Which makes a perfect gift box for......

My first hand crochet face cloth with trim around it.  It was blocked and looked lovely but I had to fold it to get it in the box.  I am just looking for the right soap to go with it and you can win this if you enter my draw several posts back. I think I did label the post.  If you go in for the crochet draw you get this and a crochet kit of your own to have a go with...just watch out for cups of tea!

I decided I  like crochet...it takes less energy and less concentration and if you make a booboo it is easier to put it right compared to knitting.

So, I decided to try something else.

Well there is a hint sadly of autumn in the air.

I experimented with different tops...these were so simple!!!!

Yup; crochet added to the ever growing list of crafts to do.  Soon I won't bother with going to bed at all: I just won't have time!

I also have a stitchy finish but it is an exchange so can't show you yet!

Have a lovely week everyone. Enjoy the sun if you have it; we have gales and storms and bad, bad wind from Thursday so I guess summer is just about up which is sad but it brings with it the thoughts of log fires, hot cocoa and stew.

Take care xxxxxxxx


  1. I'm so glad you are on the mend. And you do have some sweet hubby! I can't believe you live in a 200yr old stone cottage. You have to do post on it one of these days ;)

  2. Cute box! And you can crochet better than I can! Those pumpkins are cute! :0)

  3. Aww I love the pumpkins..they my fav and so cute.
    Cute box ❤
    Big hugs x

  4. Well done! I'm kinda a pumpkin freak so I'm adoring those. Nope...I am not going to learn to crochet like you..NO...stop telling me to try. No. ;-)

  5. Bless your hubby. Love the box , and the crochet ,especially pumpkins. Crochet is on my to do list , but still too busy and happy stitching ,lol .

  6. Well hope you're feeling a bit better. Your hubby is a real treasure :) Love that cute little box but what I prefer is those little pumpkins!!!! They are so cute!!!! I so wish I could learn to crochet... maybe not though, already plenty to keep me busy with the cross stitch :P Really those pumpkins are a real treats xx

  7. What a lovely surprise to come home to, even if you have to clear up after! We need to start redecorating here, I think it's going to be our winter hobby

  8. Well done on mastering crochet, it's something I've never quite managed to get to grips with

  9. It's a lovely box and your crochet is great!

  10. Beautiful crochet, well one on mastering another craft. Super decorated box, so pretty.
    (((((Lots of thinking of you hugs))))) xx

  11. The box looks incredible! And the pumpkins are very cute.

  12. All the best...
    The box is cute.:) But you can crochet! You can not forget it,it is like swimming or riding the bike.:)


  13. Glad to hear that you found out what was causing your kidney infection and that it can be treated now. We have been on a boil order for almost a month now. It's very bothersome!

    Well...I guess you CAN crochet! LOL! Those little pumpkins are adorable :)

  14. So sweet of hubby! Love the sound of your home ~ have you ever posted a picture?
    Lovely job on the box and cloth ~ someday I may give it a try ~ and those pumpkins ~ absolutely adorable!


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