Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayers, finishes and an SAL: Oklahoma Disaster Relief Details!

It is so hard to write with joy about my finishes when there has been so much damage in Oklahoma: it has been heartbreaking to watch the updates on the news and I know I have at least three blogging friends in that state: one of which I still haven't heard from and I am unsure if she was in the area where the Tornado hit.  I just want the people in Oklahoma to know that all around the world, people are praying for you  and our hearts are breaking alongside yours.  I don't know how you will pick yourselves up from this, but I do know you will not be doing it alone.

I have had a little search to see if there is anything I can do to help from over here in Ireland: if anyone knows of legitimate aid requests, can you please leave a comment on the blog. Whether it is for home made blankets or a little something just to let you know you are all in our prayers: I know people in the blogging community will do what we can to help out, even if we are many, many miles away.

There is nothing more that I can say really is there.

I don't mean to then veer off into the world of crafting as if it was flippant and because I don't really care because as I do.  As I was typing, tears were and are falling down my face: and I wonder as I weep for those poor children and their teachers and families, if there is not something specific we can do to help: home made quilts: baby blankets etc where we in the crafty world offer what we do best: a personal gift as people begin to rebuild their lives?  Please let me know if you know of anything or would like to join in with me to organise something for these people. Ideally you will know of contacts over there so there is a man/woman on the ground so to speak to make sure things get to where they are intended to get.

Because no matter how bad things are, we crafters know how to pull together.

I am updating this because Deena (Parsley) has got in touch.  You can help these poor people by making a donation through This Link: this organisation is on the ground and is helping directly.  I know times are hard but these people have lost everything!

I have finished my first crochet pram blanket.  I only need it to last the first few months of the baby's life as he is a little boy, and he has a little brother and we all know how sticky and gunkly little boys get so a white crochet blanket is not going to last that long!

I did a simply double crotchet border around it: little boys and their bigger brothers don't like things too fancy apparently!

I have also finished my April page for the Needlework Masters SAL book.  I found a free blackwork design over on Catkin Embroidery  and I added a little dragonfly from one of my cross stitch books.
So the main page is cross stitch and blackwork.  I then knitted some little flowers in white dk wool and black shiny wool.  I loved the design of these and if I can get some appropriately coloured wool, these would make amazing pansies!

I have my design for May: I have a summer exchange to complete and I haven't forgotten my PIFs (though I have forgotten who was going to take part: can you remind me if it were you or failing that I can look at past posts)..I know, don't know where my head is.

I really feel the need to get the sewing machine out but have to finish painting the utility room first: I started painting it whilst writing this post and waiting for my pictures to upload.  What on earth is wrong with blogger?????  I cant get them up at all and have to go through Picasso which is blooming slow as well.

We are having another SAL this time using the beautiful (and freely offered) charts designed by The Snowflower Diaries.  You can chose any of her charts and stitch along with us: pop in and join us: you will be very welcome.

Ah well: keep well people and I hope the rest of the week goes well for you.  Prayers of course for Oklahoma.


  1. I have narrowed down my selection of places to help and will blog it soon. I just can't even think straight... If you know the city of the friend you haven't heard from, I can tell you if they were affected.

    Lovely blanket work. A skill I wouldn't mind learning.

  2. very sweet blanket..looking so sweet...
    your friend is in my thoughts...
    big hugs x

  3. Beautiful blanket for a new baby,so lovingly made.

    Your new page is beautiful, blackwork always looks so elegant.

  4. Beautiful blanket! Looks like you have been keeping busy.
    The situation in Oklahoma is so sad....hope you hear from your friends soon!

  5. it's hard to comprehend the pictures we see sometimes. Hope you make contact with your blogging friends soon.
    Love your page for your book, it's going to be lovely to look back on when it's finished


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