Friday, March 15, 2013

MIA...stitchy action

Remember me?

I am still here, I have just been busy.
Today is my baby boys 18th birthday.  Yay!!!! 
But I am not allowed to put a photo up of him  Booooo!!!

I have picked up a needle:kind of.   Yay!!!!!

Yes, I have started the travelling pattern.

I have also finished the little tote bags which will be swapped for sponsorship on my facebook page.
I tried all sorts of fancy ribbon and snaps and in the end went with pure and simple.  I added buttons: I think most of them are from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe; I love Nancy's buttons: they are unique and classy and cute. 

All the bags fit a small LHN size chart and some are longer for the longer thin charts.

Cross stitch and pink and perfect

See, cute little crosses make up the patterns.

I love the hand dyed button!

Perfect pin cushions

Elegant black and white swirls

I only have two scissor keeps left...

Custard has detoxed...she says she is never drinking again.

And welcome to our newest edition.


On the whole a Yay!!!!  post but there must be more cross stitch for the next one or else!

Have a lovely week everyone xxx


  1. all your goodies are so cute..
    happy stitching x

  2. You have been busy. Great to see it's all going so well. Enjoy your weekend

  3. The totes bags are gorgeous Gaynor. Well done

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! Tulip is just awesome!! I love these little owls x

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! Wonderful goodies!

  6. The tote bags are gorgeous, say Happy 18th to your son, wow thats a milestone.
    Glad you are stitching again.. xx

  7. Special birthday wishes to your son.
    You have been busy, they all look lovely. Xxx

  8. Happy Birthday to your son! Your little pouches are so sweet!



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