Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clear out and Creativity

Wow, what would I do without you guys?  I am ok now; well rested.  Fearing for your life is exhausting and I need to find better coping mechanisms to deal with waiting for test results as it is going to be a way of life now.  I lost half a stone in a week whilst kidding myself that I was coping.

I have taken the last few days to rest and get back on track.  Listening (and singing badly) to Take That, reading Jane Austen, watching Pride and Prejudice and playing Solotaire and of course teaching my son and I actually did some painting.

It has been a while but I needed to do something with instant results.  I needed to PLAY so out came the watercolours and some clingfilm.  You blob colours you like on dampened watercolour paper and then cover it with clingfilm and scrunch.  I hear Van Gogh was a huge fan of the clingfilm school of art!

Then when it is nearly dry, off comes the cling film and I pick out elements of the picture and turn it into something.

Wanna see?

I need to do a little more work on the one with red blodges lol and I will finish this one today

All good fun. The top ones are roughly A5...might be a nice way to make some card toppers..not sure what I will do with them but they released some creative tension at the time and it was great fun which is what art should be.  No pretention, no worrying about whether or not they are any good.  Are they fun is what you should be asking!

Mother in Law has sent me some fabric books to help me out in making stuff for the sponsor hike.

It is material for bedding etc and is polyester and is flame retardant: I am sure it will come in useful. My USA fabric has arrived ready to be turned into little patriotic owls as requested lol.  I just want to rehome a few of  the owl pincushions I have left.
Sadly they have gone off the rails a little and went out drinking the other night in the hunt for their forever homes and one has even been arrested.  You can read about it here:

Here is the piccie of Custard who went missing and was discovered drinking with two down and outers in the middle of town.  Oh the shame!  She has to be bailed and then I will have to pick her up.  The quiet ones are always the worst!

Shocking behaviour hey?  I hope the little American owls are better behaved when they arrive!

This morning I had a huge clear out of stitching stuff and I feel much better for it.  I have found some charts I really want to stitch and am getting rid of anything which has been around for far too long.  I am aware that some of these have been gifted to me or RAK'd.  I am sorry and  hope I won't cause offence by passing them on.  I am happy to return them to you if you wish.  It is just that living with cancer really messes with your head: I need to be in a more 'now' frame of mind to survive the nuttyness that is the after effect of all this and I daren't plan too far ahead.  Just tomorrow is about all I can manage at the moment.

The list is as follows, with condition:

Historical Sampler Company House and Alphabet Kit with aida (new)
Rosewood Manor And a Forest Grew booklet (new)
The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow and Fabric sent by DSL  Brand New
LHN Morning Berries gently used
Lizzie Kate Ding Dong Merrily on High (Gently used, no packet)
Lizzie Kate Snippet Snowman 10 with button, brand new
Carousel Snowman My Curves have Shifted
Winnie the Pooh D 16 The HoneyHunt...very old. Aida, chart and threads..tatty packaging but otherwise fine.
Winnie the Pooh kit D4 above
Rico Design Christmas wallhanging kit: little girl with christmas tree wall hanger.
Just a Quickie Pumpkin Spider chart
Heart in Hand Snowman Medly
Heart in Hand Winter Medly
Bent Creek Signs of Summer Chart and Signs of Spring Chart
Bent Creek the Tree of Me
Homespun Elegance Miniture Samplers for Christmas and all year OOp..ripped at the top corner and used as I bought it second hand off ebay.

If you are interested just email me with an offer..I will have more but they are in a 'safe place' and I cant remember where lol.
I am going to remove my wishlist from everywhere as I really want to keep the stash right my head it works; it means I will finish things and it means I dont have to worry about my wonderful husband having to get rid of it if I get ill again.
Right..lunch to prepare..have a great week everyone and thank you so much xxxxxxx


  1. I think I've told you before that I love your paintings. I do, I really do. If I could, I'd plaster all my blank walls with your art. Well done.

    Its fine to clear out stash but It makes me a little sad you are deleting your wish lists since wishes are fun to hang onto. I do understand though because your wishes are differently focused right now.

    Thoughts and prayers are still with you my friend.

  2. I love your paintings so sweet and very pretty...
    All those charts are so pretty..I am sure they will fly to a good home soon..
    You are in my prayers dear friend..
    Sending you lots f love and hugs x

  3. Love your paintings, hope Custard decides to behave from now on, although with those big eyes I think he probably can get away with anything.

  4. These paintings are so beautiful, i would never have guessed how they came about, how clever.

    Perhaps you could fold an A4 sheet and paint half of it and make cards to sell on your fund raising blog, so many seem to love the paintings and would like them.

    Perhaps packs of 4 so there is a nice selection, of course so long as they are not too heavy for postage charges... mmm forgot paper weighs heavy.

  5. Your cling wrap art is so cool! It always feels good to me to clear things out. :0)

  6. Love your watercolours, amazing that they begin life under clingfilm.
    I'm also really good at putting things in too safe places! Good to have a clear out, it lifts the pressure.
    Carol xx

  7. Always a pleasure to see your paintings ~ I think they would be wonderful as small prints, notecards etc...

  8. Those paintings look like fun, love how you've added the detail afterwards

  9. Wow! Those paintings are amazing! What a great art lesson for kids. I will have to pass this on to some of the teachers I work with. I teach Learning Assistance so we don't get to do art very often...but maybe I could have an art day and then we can write about it :D I read your last post and am glad that the cancer hasn't traveled anywhere else. That must be a relief. I'm sure all those charts will find great homes. I would say I would love the farms of hawk run hollow and a forest grew...but those are massive projects!!


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