Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy, busy.....and the chart goes to....Updated

How are you all?
Headaches gone?  Tiredness fading...amazing how these ailments come around after new year teehee.  Not for me though. I was in bed at 9 pm with Disneys Beauty and the Beast and my crochet.

Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding my own.  I have taken them all on board.
My WIP is 1797 Ship Sampler by Carriage House Samplings..sorry, I should have said.

I put numbers in a hat and let Paris my rescue pup chose one.  It was a disaster and you will understand why there are no photos when I explain that she thought the numbers were there for her to eat.  She grabbed them and I had to tussle with her to get one out of her mouth.  Yuck.  The one I managed to rescue was indeed number one which is McKenna.  Well done.

Well, yesterday was lovely.  Youngest had a cold so lay on the sofa feeling sorry for himself.  Eldest ds was still out; he had his first New Year night with friends (he is nearly 18, you have to let go at some stage...I didn't phone him a million times at all!)

So I got to make and make and have so many ideas!

Meet Buttons, the owl pin cushion. The ruler next to him is 6 inches so you can see his size.  He is filled with polyfill (to keep the weight down) and his wings are padded so you can put your pins in them and he will hold on to them.

I also made Mrs Bakewell (cherry fabric lol)
She too is a pin cushion, or just plain cute ornie (not a toy).

Mrs Bakewell is a lovely, plump, gentile character.  She is a Cherry Island Red hen, and was oh so broody so.......

I had to make her some babies.  They too are Cherry Island Red hens but are still cute and yellow because they are babies.

They will have to be rehomes together...I cannot part mummy and babies.  Though truth be told, I will find it hard to part with them full stop, but part I must because.........

OMG I am so excited.  112 kms.  Just got to fill in the paperwork and then I can get sponsorship!
And buy blister plasters lol.  I have put details down below.

In-between sewing yesterday I also finished a dishcloth for my lime green kitchen.

My tension is a bit tight when I start but these dishclotes are a great way to learn to crotchet...very forgiving.

I have ideas of things I want to make fact my mind is buzzing.  I am not going to sell them as such: I am going to swap them for donations with a minimum donation suggested which will also cover postage.
And for myself I am going to join in with Terry's  Quilting sew along.  Material has been ordered and I am also very excited about this.

I have made a start on Santas Village..small and insignificant.  I am struggling with doing it all on one piece of fabric so may make it individual..will have to see.

And don't forget, we have a smaller project SAL going on here, where we are starting Patty's design of ' Lets Stitch'.

Phew...take a breath.....Info on the walk follows this; I am giving you the option of stopping now lol
Have a lovely week everyone xxxx

I know some of you are aware that I wanted to walk to raise money for cancer charities and I had intended to walk from my home to Galway to raise awareness of how far people have to travel to undertake treatments here in Ireland.  Health and safety and the N17 however do not go well together and as a lone female, I felt I had not survived cancer to then get run over by a drunken tractor driver.  Luckily something else has come up and I have applied to do the 112 km Camino Pilgramage trail walk which is being organised through the Irish Cancer Society.
Details are on their website
 I am not telling you this just to raise money but also to let you know what I am up to.  Cancer affects us all: children, babies, athletes, vegetarians etc.  I do not come under any of the risk factors which indicate I may be at risk of cancer...yet I still got it.  No one is cancer proof and there isnt enough known about it to be able to say who will or won't have to face living with a cancer diagnosis.
The Irish Cancer Society not only help on a national and local level, they also help fund research alongside the UK and USA. Ireland is lucky enough to have several Centres of Excellence particularly in breast cancer and prostate cancer and are at the forefront of research and trials. I feel honored to be well enough to be able to give back to the researchers whose work mean I am here to day, fit and well enough to walk.
 If you would like to sponsor me now, you can donate through   This account will only be used for the fund raising.
  I know times are hard so any sponsorship, no matter how small will be greatfully received. I have a facebook page which I will use to list names of people and businesses who sponsor me (though not amounts) and total raised so you know exactly where I am in my goal to raise 3300 euros.  I am planning to walk in October and will also use the facebook page to let you know how training is going.  Even if you do not wish to sponsor me, any words of encouragment will be much appreciated and help reduce the pain my poor tootsies will be in ;-).
 I now also have a page on this blog to sell/swap for donations the things I make.  I will see how it goes before going to etsy.  Details are on the page.  Just read the ininerary: 
Day 1    21 km uphill
Day 2    25 km uphill
Day 3    14 km..mainly downhill yay
Day 4    15 km...not sure but I expect there are hills somewhere 
Day 5    28 km through gentle hill? mmm I suspect there will be uphills too
Day 6    10 km they arent saying what so I suspect it is a mountain lol
What oh what am I doing?


  1. Without doubt, these projects are CUTE! You be sure to tell us all how to buy or order when you can.

  2. I just love that owl! Amd the hens are cute, too. Congrats on getting sponsored for your walk...that's great news! Keep us updated with when/where your items will be on sale :)

  3. I just love, love, love your new pincushion creations :)

    That walk sounds very intimidating but I will be cheering you on!

    On a sidenote it took me 18 times of refresh to get the "robot" code typed in correct :(

  4. Congrats and good luck with your walk.


  5. Love the Owl and Mrs. Bakewell. Off to email you!! Hugs!

  6. Oh, I just adore your hen family, so sweet! All the best with your training

  7. Wow! The walk sounds and looks amazing. Congrats! Does the training start now?
    Lovely projects!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Those little chucks are way too cute, they'll sell out in 5 mins, you'll be going chicken crazy with orders.


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