Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Framed Finish and 2013 Challenges

Hi, not a long post today.  I seemed to fizzle out after the show through sheer tiredness and for a few days lost some va va voom.  Today I wrote a list of what needs doing and I am concentrating on that rather than the sore throat I am pretending isnt there.

I finally got Season and Time Framed.  I can't trust local framers: I've been caught out before by framers insisting they know how to frame stitching and then when I have brought it home and checked it they have used glue guns.  Glue doesn't maintain the tension of the fabric so needs must: I have to frame it myself.

This was quite a big one so I had to resort to Wispy's biggest frame which set me back a whole 19.99 euros.  Bargain really.

Sorry about the light reflecting: I meant to take a photo before I put the glass in but forgot.  Still, it's done now!

I've decided on my goals for 2013.  Best to be organised for important crafty things I think lol.

1.  Stitching Santa's Village with Vonna's Stitching Santa's Village SAL blog.
Material and charts have been ordered.  Here is a piccie of what we're allowed to see so far!
I don't normally like houses and cottages but this is different.  This is Santa's Village!  How can I resist?

2.  I am having a problem following knitting patterns at the moment but I love to knit, especially this time of the year when the light is too dim for stitching.  So, rather than punish myself by struggling with patterns I have bought 200 knitted blocks.  I am going to knit each and every block and make an afghan/blanket.  No pressure and nice small patterns to follow.  Even I should be able to do this!  I am just waiting for my wool to arrive.

 3.  My Needlework Masters Monthly SAL.  Two items using two different techniques each month and put into a stitchy journal.  I am so excited about this one!  I am really looking forwards to trying new stitchy crafts.

4.Spring exchange with Parsley.  I have already benefitted from this: did you know that you can make a wish list through 123 stitch and other people can see it?  How cool is that??  Really handy for my final challenge.

5. RAKs.  I will be limiting exchanges in 2013; I want to concentrate on things for my own family and learning more techniques etc so instead I will be sending out RAKS.  You won't know if you are the chosen one until it arrives.  Each person who has sent me their details will be put into a hat each time and drawn at random.  If you would like to be considered see the last post.

Right, that's it: me done.  Have a great week xx


  1. You have some great goals for next year! I'm also doing Santa's Village...I just couldn't resist it either! I was thinking about doing the needlework book, but I am pretty much strictly a cross-stitch gal, so I may just tweak it and make my own version of a scrapbook with some smalls or something.
    Time & Seasons looks lovely! I have had that on my wish list for so long and I was finally able to buy the pattern from a fellow stitcher, so I will be stitching it up in the new year...I'm so excited...I love Moira Blackburn's samplers.

  2. I cannot believe you and I BOTH like that Time and Seasons chart by Moira Blackburn! I have it ready to be started in the New year! But I am going to change the colors... Not my faves. Hugs!

  3. Your framed finish looks wonderful. I get my local framer to make the frame and mount but I always lace the work myself.
    Good luck with next years goals

  4. Sounds like a wonderful plan for next years stiching!
    Your sampler is beautiful. Isn't it wonderful to have it framed and on the wall?

  5. I'm also planning on stitching part of the Santa's Village too. I have a "vision" in my mind but need to get frame sizes first before I decide how many to stitch. I self frame too, the store just charges way too much!

    Great goals! I am trying to get organized too :)

  6. Lovely frame, I bet it looks stunning on your wall.
    Santa's village is lovely, going to be very popular I think.
    Good luck with your goals for next year. X

  7. Well done on framing your finish. I have never tried this myself . I am tempted by Santa's village.


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