Monday, October 8, 2012


The woman who runs the art 'class' asked that we drew a street scene and then move it into watercolour.
No help on how to do this..any of I just got on with it.  I need to work on my pencil shading more and of course two mini water colours, one is sepia, does not an artist make so I winged it...

Onwards and upwards!

Welcome to Roscommon.

I actually used a much older photograph of th etown than you see here...and no way was I drawing cars.  Lamposts can come next time. 

And I finally finished the first page of the Embroidery Ledger.  There are white outlines of flowers all through the paper so I allowed wet colour from my palette to blend on the paper and then drew the flower outline in ink.
So many great colour combinations with this paper..I am having great fun!


  1. Oh I love that painting! You are obviously very talented. I still struggle with stickmen!!

  2. Fantastic job on your painting! I like it with out the cars. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. i love that painting so are very creative..
    hugs xxx

  4. Oh, you clever girl!
    Love the ink effect too

  5. I agree you are very, very talented. Well done,


  6. You are an Artiste! You have talent! To go from a fabulous pencil drawing to an equally fabulous painting--that is quite good! Congrats! Hugs!

  7. Your drawing turned watercolor is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm not usually a 'noticer' of art, but your painting took my breath away for a moment. What amazing talent you have :)


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