Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embroidery Ledger

Well, I have finally finished the first two pages.  I have never, ever done any embroidery other than cross stitch (and yes, that is an embroidery stitch, like it or not lol) so have been putting off and putting off the stitched work.

I was torn with a couple of shapes to work with so in the end went with a mixture. And guess what, I really, really like embroidery.

I'm not sure if there are rules regarding how things should or shouldn't be done...but rules are made to be broken as far as I'm concerned.
To me, embroidery is making pictures with threads...and incorporating texture.

So here is the art work page.

And the embroidery

I just played around with it as I have never done embroidery before. I tried different sized stitches, mixed thread colours and just had a great time playing.   I think I will do more work on the shapes of the flower centre later on.  The petal shape came up again and again and the spiral can be found in the cup cake icing and the roses.

I also found some fabric which held element of the paper and added them for future reference.

I love the fact that the stitching is 3-d...it really is like acrylic painting but with threads.

Great fun.

I have another finish for Maggee's 12 days of Christmas but you will have to wait a bit to see it.  I think I have five more to do and have used a variety of crafts to make her tree ornies, cross stitch being the dominant one.  I am really enjoying it and I hope she likes what she receives...bit nervous but never mind.
Maggee is one lovely special lady I met through my crafting and bc journey: I know she will think it is the thought that counts rofl xxx
Right, will love you and leave you all...have a very good week everyone.  Take care!


  1. Love it, you've done really well. No one would guess you'd never done it before. Can't wait for the next set of pages

  2. Fantastic work on the embroidery! I hadn't done any embroidery in eons but found You Tube to be a great help with showing me various stitches.

    Can't wait to see the next pages!

  3. Beautiful happy colours. Siobhan is right there are some great tutorials on youtube.

  4. Wonderful project. Your embroidery looks great!
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  5. Very pretty, another first crossed off your list.


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