Monday, September 17, 2012

'Mum': the new swear word.

Hi Pepes.
Two more blocks done.  Must admit I have another non-favourite.  Guess which one.

I had to paint an 'impressionist' painting in art class.  This is the one I chose.

And this is my version
Not the same I know...thats because my printer has broken down so I couldn't print off the picture and it is real pain having to look at my screen and then look at the painting.  Some work to do methinks looking at them both side by side.  To be honest I'm not too sure why we had to paint it. I have never done water before: they all have blooming water...and you would have thought we would have been taught some painting basics first.  Never mind...I might touch it up a bit but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Now, the reason for my title.  When is it acceptable to tell your kids to bugger off and leave you alone? To give you space and let you do whatever it is you want to do?

Let me tell you the story.

I was busy making up three of the ornaments I have made for my 4th blogoversary give away.  I was and am really pleased with them.
I stitched whilst teaching my 12  year fractions and as I making the dinner. All at the same time: you know how it is if you are a mum. We multitask continuously.

I haven't been well over the last few weeks: I am on beta blockers and so I am finding it hard to concentrate, but on the whole I am doing ok.  Afterall, I was stitching and teaching and cooking.  Show me a man who can do all three at the same time!  Ha!  Will never happen!

Finally it was time to make them up.  So, lessons over, lunch served and cleared away, I got out the sewing machine and off I started.

Sewing isn't a natural talent for me.  I have to really, really concentrate and even when my mind works to maximum capacity I still sew things the wrong way around: forget to leave a gap to turn things the right way around and have frequent battles with my sewing machine.  One or most of the latter, sometimes at the same time.

Sometimes there is little difference between my relationship with sewing and Henry the 8th's relationship with his wives.

So, you would think that after doing all my jobs, I could expect a little space and time to do my own thing. Wouldn't you?

You think?

Constantly I had to compete with my sewing machine and "mum!"  None stop.  " Mum", "Mum", "Mum!".

The final straw was when I was putting interfacing on my stitching and preparing to iron it on.  Just as I had collected all the pieces together there it came again: "Mum"..and without thinking, as I looked up to see what they wanted now, my hands acted on automatic and I ironed the interfacing onto my stitching.  Not the back.  The actual stitching.
My beautiful stitching in the last of my hand-dyed thread in the colour requested by one of my winners.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love being a mum.  It has made my life complete.  And I'm not being an evil mum here.  My children aren't neglected.  Please don't imagine they are wee little things, snotty noses, dirty faces, pleading with me for some attention and a little milk to go in their empty bottles to fill their oh-so empty tummies.

'Please mummy, can we have some food?"

In fact the guilty child I am talking about here is far from being a toddler.  HE IS 17!!!  And the other major distraction isn't even my is my husband!!

Is there something in their genepools which says to them  "Mum is in the room and therefore must give me attention/food/money/answer stupid questions etc on demand.  And if she looks like she is concentrating and is busy, well, never mind.  Let's interupt even more"

At what stage is it ok to say to your older family that I need some space. It doesn't make me a bad mother: I just need to get on with some stuff?

Or 'bugger off'.  Either works for me at this stage.

Anyway: I got two of my ornaments finished.  I have the two others to finish but if they come out like the first two then I will be thrilled (there is always a slight risk when it involves myself and a sewing machine).
Once the charts arrive I will send them on to their new homes...possibly with a 17 year old teenager adn a 42 year old ex-husband!  Enjoy!


  1. Oh my...I can so relate! And people wonder why I would stay up half the night to get something was the only time there was any peace and quiet!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face (and not to make it worse, but now there is just my husband home and it hasn't changed much! :))

  2. Really familiar scene!!!
    Goodluck with everything!

  3. I think your painting looks great.
    They Mum stuff I am not so sure?!?
    Hugs and have a great week!

  4. Your painting looks great! For a moment there, I thought you were writing my story!! My oldest is almost thirteen, so you are telling me it won't get any better!?! ;)

  5. Oh, and if I may, I am going to borrow, "bugger off". I love it!!

  6. I can so relate to this post, it's the same here too, and don't get me started on men and their one track mind, and yet they are quick to remind you when you forget to do something whilst you re balancing 10other things at the same time....ok rant over.

    Well done on the quilt squares.

    Perhaps we should stitch a 'buzz off, i'm busy" sign and put that up when we need 5mins to ourselves lol.


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