Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wipapocolypse March 8th and a Thank You

Hi everyone...I am posting my WIP early and will link it when it is time simply because I am home for the weekend and it is easier than trying to do it from my laptop.  I have a happy dance moment and I have a huge thank you for a fellow blogger.

It has been a big week for me: first week staying in Galway: Mammogram etc and so I was pretty much running on adrenalin...and not much of that to be honest.  I got home Friday pooped: went to work Saturday morning: came home even more pooped and then decided to brave the post which I had been putting off until I could face bills etc.

If I had known what was in the post I would have rushed and gushed, torn and ripped and opened everything much earlier!

These lovely gifts  were RAK'd to me by  Cath.  It is a hardback writing book and Cath has stitched the floral cover herself and then added the cross stitch.  I also received a pair of scissors which of course we always need and a beautiful postcard.  The stitching is just perfect and such a good choice of design.  I will be taking this back to show everyone at the Lodge on Monday!

The little pink butterfly you can see on the card was the wee brooch Julie sent me.  The kitten is doing Yoga just in case you wondered lol.

Thank you so much Cath. You have made my weekend. 

I do have a happy dance for my latest WIPopocalyps!

I finished CCNs Christmas Carols.  I made a few changes: colours, fabrics, added beads and altered to design a little.  Are we allowed to do that?  Does that upset designers do you think or are they pleased that we are inspired by the designs to add our own creativity?  Either has been altered in small ways but in ways which suit my taste.

Excuse the photo..for some reason Green is always a bugger to take a picture off.  It is stitched on Willow Evenweave.

Oopss...I guess there is a need for ironing!

 I only used four colours and I hummed and haared about adding the O Christmas tree as it seemed a bit odd having three carols about and four below.  I also felt the need to add a H to the O...Oh Christmas tree but I resisted.  The thought of extra counting made me leave it as it was.  I also altered the top bar where the baubles are, and added beads to the musical notes.  I did not bother adding notes to the bottom of the design..I felt the top ones enjoyed the attention so I decided to leave them with it.

It will be turned into a wall hanging but not this weekend!

My youngest ds has just got into I had a go at preparing the models myself.  They come as grey plastic rat things...(skaven apparently).
Here is my Skaven Ogre lol...took blooming hours to paint but it was quite good fun.

These models are I am quite impressed with myself teehee...who knew I had such ratty artistic skills?
I will leave you now with a picture from my garden which I took yesterday when I got home from work.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hello

    Just stopping at your blog for a moment to say that I love the RAK you recieved, how lovely!

    I love your CCN finish too.

  2. Beautiful rainbow, how lovely.
    My son used to do war hammer, they love to live inside vacuum cleaners!!!
    Super gift from Cath, beautifully stitched.
    Well done on your projects, making them personal is more special.

  3. Well done on your stitching and hope you had a great weekend with the family

  4. Lovely gift and stitches! A rainbow is always a good sign..

  5. You are very welcome .
    I love your finish , and think making things more personal is great . I have read somewhere that a designer was put out when someone changed the recommended colours for a chart , but not sure who it was . Most,from what I've heard, are happy for you to change things round a bit.
    Hope next week is easier for you now you knopw what to expect . Enjoy the yoga .XX

  6. Ah warhammer I know it well... My brother got into it at age 5 and now works for games workshop and sculpts his own models at age 21, just to warn you!! Love your finish and cath's rak is so lovely!

  7. Great finish, congrats.
    CJ in OK ;-)

  8. What a sweet gift you've received. Congratulations on a pretty finish. I don't think designers would or should mind if we made changes to their charts. In my opinion, charts are merely guidelines to the finish product ^.^ I should know... I make changes all the time :P

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful rainbow pic.


  9. Your Christmas piece is very pretty.
    Love the Cure book cover that your friend made for you...very meaningful. And the rainbow...nice sentiment. I am a survivor, also.

    All the best to you.


  10. What a sweet RAK! And congrats on your finish. It looks lovely.

    My mom is a designer, and I've hung out with quite a few other designers as well. Never once have I heard one complain about the things other stitchers have done with their designs. Usually, they get a kick out of the different ways people see to use their work.


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